Experimental Design of Laboratory Study to Investigate Denomination Effect
Animasi Eksperimen Laboratory Study 11Mei2015
Laporan Denominasi_

Relevant Indicators of National Service Standard for Specific Grant Allocation

Evaluation of Local Public Finance Management to Enhance Local Spending

Block Grant Reformulation in Indonesia

Policy Brief on Regional Proliferation

Determinants of the success of RedenominationBEMP Vol 17 No 2 Oktober 2014

Experimental Economics in Indonesia _BJ- 22 Sep 2012

General Lecture on Redenomination Kuliah Umum Redenominasi 17 April 2013

Lecture Notes on Statistics:
STK_4a; MST_4bMTS_5a; MTS_5bMST_6aMST_6b; MST_6cMKM_Stat_NonPar

Developing Mechanism of Specific Grant for Financing Minimum Service Standard
2013 04 04 Final Report DAK SPM Ver 3

Lecture Notes & Exercise on macroecon Lucas Imperfect-Info Model New Keynesian EconomicsLatihan Makro-1Latihan Makro-2

Lecture Materials on TKPP Fungsi Daper dlm Desfis_BJ_15Mei

Exercise on Reserach Metodology: Latihan LP

Lecture Materials on Welfare Econ of Advanced Microeconomics: EK_0EK_1EK_2EK_3EK_4EK_5

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